How to Paint a Door with Gloss Enamel

The key to painting a panel door using gloss enamel, is to make sure that you paint the door in sections. This will help you to produce a paint finish that is smooth, evenly coated, well blended and most of all help eliminate any chance of paint over runs and drips.


Painting Door in Melbourne Balwyn

Completed Painting of a Door

Once the preparation is completed and only needing a brush and a small mohair roller, we begin by painting the side edge of the door that has the hinges screwed into it. The reason for this is that any paint that creeps around the edge of the door onto the face can be removed by the brush and roller immediately. Once that is done, we move onto the panels of the door. You can start on any panel by using the brush to cut in the groves first and then the roller to paint the middle. Once the first panel is completed, go onto the next panel and apply the same method as demonstrated below.

When the panels are completed, the remainder of the door is quite quick to finish as you only need to use the roller to cover the remainder of the door and the brush to feather off any air bubbles. Begin painting the top, middle and bottom horizontal rails first and then paint the vertical stiles on the hinge side, middle and lock side as shown below. Remember before you paint the vertical stiles, take the brush and cut in on the edge of the door to the hinge side as the roller will not reach the edge cleanly.

Now that you have completed one side, do the other side the same way and when that is finished don’t forget to paint the edge of the door on the lock side. Repeat the process for the second coat after the door has had a light sand between coats.

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