Exterior Painting in Kew

Interior Painting of Double Storey Home in Kew, VIC

If you want a little mix of old and new, then this large interior painting project in Kew, VIC perfectly illustrates how contemporary architecture can seamlessly meet an old Victorian gem by taking a risk with a bold choice of colour.

Before you read further I just want to point out that this large painting project was undertaken in 2 parts. If you want to read more about the exterior painting of this house you can view it here Exterior Painting in Kew.

Scope of Work

The scope required that all ceilings, walls, doors, architraves and skirting throughout the entire house be painted.

In the new section of the house, all surfaces were painted with one coat of undercoat and two coats of top coat paint.

Whereas, the existing section of the house had previously been painted and only needed some sections of wall and cornices to be spot primed before two coats of top coat paint were applied.

Below are some pictures of the preparation prior to painting this impressive home in Kew.

Colour Scheme

For this house, the colour selected was somewhat different to your standard ‘Neutrals & Whites’ colour schemes that are very common in Melbourne homes.

The owner chose a colour calledGrey Pebble’ by Dulux and when applied to the ceiling it was painted in full strength ‘Grey Pebble‘, all the walls were painted in 1/4 strength ‘Grey Pebble’ and the woodwork was painted in double strength ‘Grey Pebble’.

This colour scheme was the same throughout the entire house which and it definitely makes the interior painting so much more enjoyable because it is easier to apply.


The preparation involved;

  1. Filling all nail holes and plaster dents
  2. Caulking all gaps along skirting and architraves
  3. A light sand of all woodwork
  4. Undercoating all plaster surfaces, skirting, doors and architraves
  5. All walls were lightly sanded to remove any plaster dags

When it came to selecting the sheen levels, it was decided that the ceilings were to be painted in a flat acrylic, the walls were to be painted in a washable low sheen acrylic and all the doors, skirting and architraves were to be painted in a semi gloss enamel paint.

Most notably, on this occasion the client engaged the services of an architect to help decide the colours for the house and it was a pleasant surprise to see large sheets of board with the various strengths of the colour ‘Grey Pebble’ splashed all over them.

Despite the fact that the ceiling was going to be darker than the walls, the finished product didn’t really highlight that difference at all, in fact they blended quite well.


So remember, when your about to tackle some interior painting, I strongly recommend that the best possible way of knowing what colour suits your home environment is to purchase multiple sample pots and apply the colours to different rooms as it will give you a better idea of heir strengths in different light conditions.

You may be pleasantly surprised with the colour that ultimately suits your home. Before you go here are some pictures of the completed interior painting painting project in Kew, VIC 3101.

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Terry Zabak (Author)

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