Internal Painting in South Melbourne

Obscure Office Painting in South Melbourne, VIC

What’s happened here? With commercial office painting, one may assume that introducing a bit of colour, paintings or a feature wall may inspire people to be more creative, productive and comfortable within a working environment. But has it worked?

In this office space a feature wall was created with various types of pressure pack cans to help bring some colour into the office environment. It’s fair to say that it did not go down that well with everyone and a unanimous decision was made to cover the mural.

Scope of work

Needless to say that the scope of work for this office painting involved some minor plaster repair as well as undercoating and sealing the mural and then applying 2 coats of top coat paint to match the existing wall colour. There were no samples of existing paint anywhere so this colour had to be colour matched and it came up spot on.


As the mural was sprayed with enamel spray cans, the preparation involved a light sand of the wall to remove any gloss coating so as to provide adhesion to the undercoat. The sealing of the mural required the use of a primer that had 2 objectives;

  1. The first being the adhesion to the mural
  2. The second to stop the colours of the mural bleeding through the top coat paints.

Normally I would use an oil based undercoat to cover this type of mural, but considering the enclosed office environment may be sensitive to smell, I chose to use a water based undercoat with similar properties as an oil based.

Finishing the interior painting with a quality premium paint is equally important and there are various products that would complete the work perfectly. However, on this occasion to make sure that the mural was hidden and did not bleed through the top coats, I chose to use Dulux Wash&Wear 101 Super Hide for its superior coverage.

Here are some pictures of the undercoat applied and the finished coats.

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Terry Zabak (Author)

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