Need a quote for an upcoming project?

No, we don’t. Our Painting quotes are free with no obligation.

We provide you in detail the Scope of Works which includes areas and surfaces that require painting, the type of preparation needed, the recommended materials, what exclusions are in the quote and the total cost of the painting including GST.

Our quote is valid for 30 days. If you decide to accept our quote after this time, depending on your painting requirements, we reserve the right to adjust the quote accordingly.

Yes. We require that you sign the acceptance of the terms of quotation and cost of your painting project before we commence any work.

If you choose not to sign the acceptance, we simply will not start the painting works. It is important that all parties agree to the terms of condition so there are no hidden surprises.

We use and recommend Dulux Paints and all our customers are thrilled with the final finish. On some occasions our clients request the use of other brands and we are happy to use them as well. They may include Wattyl, Taubmans, Haymes and Resene.

Having to choose a colour can be frustrating and stressful. Don’t worry, all we ask is that you have some paint swatches and/ or sample pots with you because that gives us an indication of what colour scheme you are thinking of. We will discuss and guide you towards your desired colour.

Yes, we can. We can take a sample from the area requiring painting and have that colour matched to the specific paint.

Yes. We require a 10% deposit on all our painting projects, whether they are small or large. We will send you an invoice for the deposit in the week prior to commencement and ask that the deposit is paid before commencement of work.

Yes, we do. Depending on the size of the project we do request periodic progress payments. We will discuss progress payments with you during our initial appointment and it is always subject to the scale of the work required.

No. We do not accept any personal or business cheques. Our preferred method of payment is direct entry banking.

Upon completion of the painting project, we will issue you an invoice for the outstanding amount owing made payable within 7 days from date of invoice.

Yes, we are. We have Workcover Insurance and our Public Liability is covered for $10m. We attach a copy of the ‘Certificate of Currency’ for both Insurances with our quote.

Yes, we do. All our painting works are guaranteed and on receiving final payment, you will be issued with a formal written guarantee.

No, we don’t. We politely request and ask you to arrange the removal of small and valuable items from the rooms being painted as well as any small furniture that may get in the way. The larger items can be moved into the centre of the room so that gives us enough room to move around the room.

No, we won’t. We use canvas drop sheets on the floors and we cover all furniture with either light plastic drop sheets or soft old bed linen. We have many vacuums and we are always using them to clean any dust that may result from preparation.