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Exterior Painting Hawthorn

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Coating any timber with a stain or clear oil helps protect and enhance the characteristics of that timber. Whether you are working with Tasmanian Oak, Merbau, Spotted Gum or Jarrah, applying natural decking oil brings to life their features by highlighting their natural timber colours and showcasing the unique patterns of timber grains and timber knots.

The rejuvenation of this front porch decking may have been seen to be ‘Mission Impossible’, but it was a challenge I grabbed with both hands and I am absolutely delighted to have restored it to its original colour and glory.

Scope of Work

The sole requirement from the clients was to restore the front decking to it’s original timber colour. The decking timber is Merbau and it had previously been coated with Cabots Aquadeck.

Below are pictures showing the extent of weathering and colour deterioration over several years.

Colour Scheme

The original product used to oil the decking was Cabots Aquadeck tinted in Merbau and the clients requested that the same product be used again.

Aquadeck is a very durable water based decking oil that can be recoated on the same day and easily reapplied for any future maintenance.


  1. All decking surfaces were washed with high pressure water using Intergrain Power Prep, to assist in the removal of old existing weathered and timber finishes
  2. Once dried, all decking surfaces were lightly sanded to remove any stubborn oil finishes and to remove timber fur caused by high pressure washing
  3. A final surface wash of the decking using Intergrain Reviva, helps clean and rejuvenate the weathered decking ready for final oil coating

Number of Coats?

With the preparation complete, the Merbau decking could now be coated with Cabots Aquadeck and the number of coats applied to this porch was four.

There were two reasons for this. Firstly, all timber absorbs decking oil differently, a bit like a sponge and the more you apply the more consistent and even finish you have.

Secondly the front decking porch sits facing the North sun and the harsh sun contributes to the breakdown of any surface coatings. So after four coats this porch looked solid and uniform across the entire front facade.

Here are some pictures of the completed porch decking.

Final Thoughts

Many of you would agree that natural timber coated with a simple oil or a light stain, underlines its distinct features and projects a level of admiration and respect. No two timbers are alike and when they are brought together to form a porch decking and then all are coated with a rich decking oil, you are not only showcasing the characteristics of the deck rather you give every individual timber a story.

Regular coating with decking oil leaves the timber looking new, fresh and rich. When decking begins to look thirsty, that is a sign it needs some attention. Regular maintenance is important!!

Decks can also be painted and a project I was tasked with completing, highlights the differences between painting decking and coating decking with oil.


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