• Painting windows on an exterior home in Melbourne
  • Melbourne painter preparing surface before painting
  • Sanding an exterior surface before painting
  • Melbourne painter preparing surface before painting

My journey as a professional painter began almost 20 years ago

I was fortunate enough to have travelled to Canada on a work visa and when I got there I quickly began to work for builders as a labourer on home renovation projects. That involved me doing all aspects of carpentry work, roofing, plastering, tiling, and of course, painting.

Today, I still hold that same passion for construction and renovations, but my true passion lies in painting and decorating services.

Over the past 17 years I have worked on many painting projects across Melbourne suburbs, painted many homes and commercial properties, and shared many a great conversations over a latte with my customers.

Today I’m also keen to break down barriers when it comes to painting homes through education. For those potential customers who wish to paint their homes themselves, my DIY Painting and Consultancy service brings me to your door, where at your disposal, I can help answer all your questions, teach you painting preparation and techniques and give you insight into a variety of materials and best practices.

How I like to work


Start by getting in touch with me first

Do you have an upcoming painting project in mind? Perhaps you’re about to do a renovation? Or maybe you just need some advice on a painting decision. Not a problem – just get in touch with me and let me know how I can assist you.


I'll come and visit you to discuss your needs

Once we’ve made first contact, we then arrange a suitable time where I will come out and visit you at your premises to provide an accurate quote for your painting project. Or perhaps to provide you with professional advice and assistance on your painting project needs.


You accept the quote and we being the work

Should you decide to accept my quotation, we then discuss available start dates, quotation acceptance forms, choice of colours, the painting process, deposits and other frequently asked questions.


We complete the job and enjoy a latte

Our job within the construction cycle is the most exciting because we’re the ones that ‘bring it all together’ and you finally begin to see the finished product. After we complete each project, we discuss any questions or concerns you may have; we clean up after ourselves and share a latte together to celebrate another job well done.

My Core Values

  • I value discipline and delivering on what I promised
  • I'm always on time and on-call for my cusotmers
  • I always quickly respond to my customers concerns
  • I'm always courteous and well mannered
  • I'm always respectful of a customers property
  • I always further educate and up skill my knowledge
  • I always cleanup after every project
  • I use only the best tools and top quality paints

Environmental Footprint

Environmental Painter

Do you value the environmental footprint you leave behind? These days, consumers are looking more at choosing eco-preferable products and services.

As a registered Environmental painter, TMZ Painting can help you make sustainable choices by offering information about the products you may need, the painting practices required and more importantly the benefit to the environment by undertaking sustainable practices.

Whether you are a residential consumer, small business, retail outlet or office, before choosing your products you may wish to consider the following information and benefits:

  1. Conventional paints contain certain petrochemicals that improve the flow and levelling of finish, but can be easily absorbed into the body and cause health reactions like allergies.
  2. Natural Paints don’t contain petrochemicals rather they contain plant oils and natural occurring minerals like clay and lime.
  3. Natural Paints are better known as low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) products.
  4. Using low VOC products reduces the exposure of the applicant and the building occupant to chemical ‘off gassing’ and minimises the need for petrochemical ingredients.
  5. Using Paints with low VOC content results in better indoor air quality and reduces photochemical smog into the atmosphere.
Download Enviropainter Certificate - TMZ Painting