TMZ Painting is delighted to offer Melbourne’s first DIY Painting and Consultancy Service, where we come to you and discuss your painting needs and requirements tailored for your home environment.

Are you thinking of painting your home yourself? Not sure where to start? Do you know what preparation is required? Do you have the right materials?

The packages we provide

You can request to take either our 2 hour or a 4 hour Masterclass package, whereby we engage with you in hands-on practical demonstrations in preparation techniques for various surfaces, discuss the importance of using the correct undercoats and finish coats specifically for your situation, and explain and show you the benefits of using the right tools and equipment.

We believe painting can be therapeutic and not a chore. We also believe that anyone can have a go at painting once they are taught how to go about it. It’s easy and it’s fun!

What you’ll gain out of it?

At the end of the Masterclass you would have gained a better understanding of the painting practices, materials, tools and you will be able to plan and manage your painting project more efficiently.

Those who may want to use our services are:

  1. Home Owners/ Weekend do it Yourselfers-  For those that enjoy hands on work and take pride in the upkeep of their homes.
  2. Renovators-  The serious construction buff’s who get their hands dirty and love to tackle large projects.
  3. Owner Builders-   For those who may want to know about how the painting process fits in with other trades throughout the construction journey.
  4. Architects- For those who want to discuss the pro’s and con’s of colour selection or product enquiry and degree of difficulty in paint application.

What are the benefits?

  • Learn about preparation, materials, painting techniques and tricks of the trade and tools and equipment.
  • Become aware of the painting process
  • Learn how to better manage your painting project more quickly and efficiently.
  • Discuss the risks and pitfalls of incorrect advice and poor materials selection.