Exterior Painting in Kew

WOW… Stop staring!! Put simply, the exterior painting to this modern architecturally designed double storey extension on the back of a small single fronted Victorian weatherboard home will have you captivated. 



Exterior Painting in Kew

Exterior painting of extension


This painting project was undertaken in 2 parts and you may have come across an earlier post that highlighted the interior painting works which was completed first. If you have missed that post or would like to read it again you can simply click here Interior Painting in Kew.

This extension is wrapped in a cladding called Ecoply plywood, which comes in uncoated panels that could either be stained or painted. For more information on Ecoply and other similar products, just Click here.

The scope of work required that the exterior painting be applied to all Ecoply panels, ceilings to balcony and downstairs courtyard as well as having clear coats of varnish applied to the hardwood timber screen on the balcony. At the front of the house, the old Victorian, required that all surfaces be prepared and painted. They included, gutters, fascia, corbels and lattice, weatherboards, windows and front door, verendah, plinth boards, decking, picket fence and gates. All surfaces were painted with one coat of undercoat and two coats of top coat paint.

The preparation involved

  • Filling all nail holes and timber cracks.
  • Removal of any flaking paint.
  • All surfaces were washed to remove chalking.
  • Caulking all gaps along timber edges.
  • A light sand of all woodwork.
  • Undercoating all surfaces. 

Here are pictures of the house and extension prior to exterior painting.

The colour selected was Dulux Whisper White for the weatherboards and pickets and the Ecoply and all other trims were painted in Colourbond Monument. The timber screen and decking was coated in Cabots Natural Decking oil. Feel free to view the colours below.

Dulux Whisper White: Click here

Colourbond Monument: Click here

Cabots Natural Decking oil: Click here

All surfaces were painted in a low sheen exterior acrylic and the front door was painted in painted in a gloss enamel paint

Here are pictures of the completed exterior painting works.



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