Paint Stripper

How to strip varnish off a window sill.

Houses that have window sills coated in varnish may require stripping if they have been exposed to moisture and the sun over a period of time. If your windows are…

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Lead Paint Test Kit

How do I test if there is Lead in my paint?

Testing for lead in your paint is easy and straight forward. The test kit can be applied to all internal and external surfaces and the test kits can be purchased…

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Plaster Crack

How to repair a plaster crack before painting.

Many households face the dilemma of having cracks appearing in plaster walls and ceilings. Often found in the corners of windows and doors and in weak plaster joins, cracks appear…

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Completed Painting of Kitchen

Pictures of a completed Internal Painting Project in McKinnon.

Recently, I completed a full internal Painting Project for a customer living in the suburb of McKinnon. This was a newly constructed house and I took some before and after…

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Intergrain 'Natural Stain'

How to coat exterior windows using Intergrain ‘Natural Stain’.

I recently completed a project where the requirements were to apply colour to the exterior timber windows using Intergrain ‘Natural Stain’ in charcoal, without the need of an exterior oil…

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Blistered paint

Why do blisters appear on my weather boards after two new coats of paint?

This is a very common problem that occurs mainly in the Summer months, when two new coats of exterior acrylic paint is applied to any timber surfaces like weather boards.…

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Weathered door sill

Repairing and repainting a weathered door sill.

Quite often some houses have their exterior door sill looking weathered, chipped with peeling and flaking paint thus looking quite worn and tired.
Most often, the problem is always a…

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Methylated Spirits and a rag is all you need to test paint type

What type of paint is currently on my surface?

Testing the type of paint you have on your surfaces, that is, acrylic or enamel is very simple. All you need is Methylated Spirits and a clean rag.
It is…

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After painting weather boards, shrinking can occur

Why do some weather boards shrink after painting?

This is a common problem faced by many home owners that have weather boards installed as full or partial cladding to the exterior of their home. The simple reason being…

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Preparation of timber decking

How to restore your timber decking to it’s natural colour

Preparing a timber decking ready for a coat of clear varnish or to leave the timber in it’s natural colour, requires a little patience and elbow grease.
In the picture…

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